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April 16, 2013
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Twilight Vs Technology #11 by Sintakhra Twilight Vs Technology #11 by Sintakhra
Snap. Weren't expecting this were you?

Decided to sit down and draw some Sparkle. And then it turned into Pegacorn Sparkle. And before I knew it, a Wild Purple Pegacorn invasion had begun on my screen and I had the urge to do one of these! It's only been what... 11 and a half months since the last? *totally not necroposting*

Hopefully the comic will make up for the lack of Twerplite on this channel, although I'm slowly getting into the whole "Do panel for comic" thing with my new tumblr. And now I really need to sleep. Been sat down doing this for *checks clock* 9 hours?

As always, To be continued.

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All art done in Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5 by yours truly. No not him, me.

P.s, If you have any ideas for future comics, don't be shy! :)
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Don't worry about my star rating to much, since trying to quantify something into a simple number scale is rather arbitrary and frivolous. With that out of the way, let's begin.

The first thing that caught my eye were the random book titles. It's little things like that give that extra feeling of effort. Sadly, a few of them are a little off center, but that's just me being slightly nit picky. The choice of font is also a small nick against it. Just feels rather out of place.

Let's get to the main part of it. It's always fun to watch anyone try and work legacy tech. How did any of us ever managed to work some of this stuff? I really hope this becomes a thing. Want to see some of the other ponies try to work old devices and the like.

The lead up to the pay off is smooth and well handled. Twilight things she has this covered. Lol nope. The "Approximately 42 seconds later..." break is a good addition as it let's the viewer quickly imagine the scene playing out. This is good as having the viewer imagine part of it tends to result in the viewer getting the best possible scene: there's.

Aside from my nitpicking over the titles (a nice addiction, but slightly out of a place), it's a good idea and could be a nice running series.
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My rating is more accurate on originality and technique.

Let's see... I really love the idea of Twilight trying to work out old technology like video cassettes. The most common thing most people end up doing when trying to "fix" a tape is tearing it apart and messing up the tape. Oh, that brings back some old memories of when I was 8.

"Approximately 42 seconds later..." Dang! That is fast for such a mess! Is Twilight that bad at video tape fixing to end up wrapped like that in such a short amount of time? I'm also curious of what lessons does Luna meant. (Other subject...)

One thing I like to point out are the book titles. Yeah... they sort of pop out on you. You know what I'd do? Delete them. Serves we can keep the enigma of "what DOES Twilight have in the library anyway?" type of deal. (or you could use that as a another comic idea maybe... selling her complete collection in an online catalog or something. Ponified eBay!)

I do enjoy your series. Very funny in a sense that Twilight is into books and quill pens over emails. Wait, that calls for another idea I have in mind. The internet is known to have an information overload crisis of some sort. You should have Twilight sit there for a looonng time looking at the internet, namely YouTube. Then have her write to Celestia about her thoughts and whatnot. IDK... something in those terms.

I gee... I ramble on too much. Well, I do praise your talent on this series and may we continue to see more. I love these comics because they have so much potential! There's A LOT of things to do with this.
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Reminds me of Carnival phantasm where Rin from Fate Stay Night tried to work a Blu-Ray (Being a Modern era Magus and all in their universe she is not well verse in technology outside of the telephone LOL)
IllEatYourself Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish my tumblr had an artist.  I can't do this stuff.  Trust me, I tried. >_<
This is quite funny though!  I'm just wondering how in the heck Twilight thought that was the problem when it clearly wasn't, especially considering...well, she's freaking Twilight Sparkle!  She wouldn't mess with something like a cassette tape until she had read about five books on it AND asked the princesses and/or the person who made it how it works!
SilverSimba01 Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The good ol VHS, no one scape form that tangle situation
You should do a spinoff series involving something like DuctTape. Maybe you could call it DerpyTape or something.....can't think of anything right now
Or Scootaloo and the CMC could invent something similar
lightdecoreashadow Sep 1, 2013  Student General Artist
you see my wife never did get use to it
dontmineatnightpony Aug 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
Twilight Trying to play MINECRAFT!
barduk4 Jul 14, 2013  Student Writer
this brings back memories O_O
sonicpoprock4 Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i have a idea what if twilight buys a android phone and she plays candy crush sega and when she has the winning move... THE BATTERY DIES! and then she starts hitting it with a baseball bat
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